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Community Time Exchange is a place where you and I come together to share our skills and exchange what we have to offer. It is an environment where abilities, talents and expertise can be shared without the exchange of money and it connects communities that might not otherwise have access to one another. Community Time Exchange is dedicated to working with you and other exchange members to build healthy and sustainable communities.

Core Values:

  • Human Assets
    Every person, young and old, has something to offer. We all have something to contribute to the well-being of others in our community.
  • Redefining Work
    Some work is priceless! Those who carry out essential activities (strengthening our families, revitalizing our neighborhoods and advancing social justice, for example) should be appreciated and compensated for the vital work that they do.
  • Reciprocity
    Giving and receiving are building blocks of positive social relationships and healthy communities. A one-way flow of giving is non-sustainable.  “Helping” works better as a two-way street, we need each other.
  • Social Network
    Networks are stronger than individuals and together we can weave a community of support. Belonging to a mutually supportive and secure network brings more meaning to our lives and new opportunities to build trust in one another.
  • Dignity and Equality
    All people are valued equally, everyone is useful! We need diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. At the heart of every exchange is equality; an hour is an hour, regardless of the service.

Your generosity is reciprocated in a “pay it forward” process. By integrating time exchanging principles we strive to increase access to care and support and to achieve improved health, wellness and resilience for you and the community.